Bosch Serie 8 i-DOS™ WAWH8660GB 9Kg Washing Machine with 1400 rpm (White) Review

Bosch Serie 8 Review

Last week we had a really exciting delivery – a new washing machine! I was lucky enough to be able to work with Appliances Online on a review of one and this is the fantastic machine I was sent.
It retails at £899 at the moment which is a huge amount of money for a washing machine. It does come with the related bells and whistles though! To be honest it will be well worth it if it lasts as we use the washing machine a lot!
bosch serie 8
I love the look of the machine. It is white and silver and looks very modern. It will fit in beautifully with my new utility room when it is done! The controls and settings are easy to use and quite self explanatory. I read the manual once and then I was able to intuitively use it. There is a really easy Automatic function so even the hubby could manage a basic wash I think!
It has some pretty nifty features in addition to those you would expect from a modern washing machine. 
Intelligent dosing system – you can pour in a huge amount of washing liquid and fabric conditioners into the compartments and then on each wash the machine will weigh your washing and calculate the perfect amount to use! So much easier to put in a wash now without fiddling about measuring liquids and powders! If you wanted to use a specific liquid (for example a wool detergent you still can by putting it manually in the drawer too). I love this feature!
Allergy+ wash – a special wash which will extra rinse your clothes to help those of us with allergies
Energy saving – not only is this machine A+++ rated but it also has lights on the front to tell you how much energy each programme uses. This means you can change it to a lesser one or press the eco cycle button to cut down energy loss
Water saving – Same as above really but for water which is great if you are on a water meter!
Time Saving – when you are a mum you need washing done asap! There is a really quick 15 minute wash setting, the automatic wash takes just over an hour and you can also on most programmes press the speed perfect setting which will cut time off the programme.
Remote Start – you can connect this machine to your home wifi network and set it to start from anywhere using an app on your mobile phone. Perfect for working mums who don’t want to leave wet washing languishing in the machine all day – simply tell it to start when you are leaving work via the app. 
Child proof – It has an easy to use child lock – essential in our house!
Mummy proof – the large 9k drum is perfect for a busy family and there is even a light in there so you can search for that missing sock in the night! 
I’ve been using this machine for a week now and I absolutely love it! The only bad thing I have to say about it is that I don’t think the spin is quite as good as our old machine. It’s not a massive difference, I just noticed that the clothes are slightly more damp when they come out. Not a big niggle at all though! 
I have made a video review so you can see the machine in action! 
Disclosure – we were sent this machine free of charge in exchange for a YouTube review and review on’s website. I was not obliged to blog about it. All opinions are honest and my own. 


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