Cantaloop Nursing Undershirt Review

I love the ease of breastfeeding but undoubtedly one of its downsides is that it limits what you can wear. For the next year or so I will be restricted to tops that are loose enough to pull up or special nursing tops that can unclip at the straps.

I like to be able to wear normal loose tops and pull them up to feed but this has the downside of showing off my not so toned mummy tummy!

The Cantaloop Nursing Undershirt solves all these problems. It is a stretchy fabric which firstly holds my mummy tummy in really well and has detachable straps to undo for feeding. The idea is that you wear it underneath your regular top so that your stomach is still covered when you pull your top up to feed.

cantaloop nursing undershirt

In all honesty I absolutely love this vest. It has so much support, not only for my tummy but also for my boobs and I don’t even need to wear a bra with it which is great! Considering my boobs are quite sore and sizeable at the moment the soft support of this vest is simply wonderful.

IMG_5093 IMG_5094

I love that it means that I can wear normal tops with ease which helps me to feel like I am more myself after months of wearing maternity clothes. It also makes my tummy look flatter too!

The only flaw I have found is that the straps have an unusual fastening to the nursing bras that I have already which made it a little tricky to unclip at first – something that I have already gotten used to though so not a huge deal and actually it makes the straps smoother and more streamlined so they look less bulky under tops.

IMG_5095 IMG_5096

The undershirt is available in black or white – I have the black version and will be buying myself the white one too as it will get lots of use over the summer. It retails for £28.49 at the moment and is available online here.

Disclosure – I was gifted one of these vests for the purposes of this review. All opinions are honest and my own. 


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