Christmas Shopping Tips for Busy Mums


This Christmas I have two little ones, a blog to run, work to write and a website full of Christmas orders to keep going! So I need to be super organised and here are my tips!

Make a budget – we put aside money every month for Christmas. At the beginning of December all the money we have saved is our budget for Christmas. This has to cover decorations, food and presents.

Write a list – I write out a list of all the people I need to buy presents for and how much their budget is (keeping in mind the total budget you have worked out). I also jot down any ideas I may have for presents at this stage. I quite often get people the same gift, if they don’t know each other which makes it easier.

Shop online – it is so easy to shop online. Set aside some time and have a browse. You can search for the cheapest places to buy things and you don’t end up just buying anything to get out of the shops!

Go late night shopping – for those little stocking fillers that you can’t pick up online get someone to babysit and head to the shops on a weeknight for late night shopping. Most shopping centres run late night shopping nights at Christmas and it is much quieter than going at the weekend, or in the week with the children in tow!

Make homemade gifts – I love to make homemade gifts, and although this sounds like an arduous task I find that if I choose the right things it combines a fun activity for the kids with getting a present on a budget, win win! Homemade gifts are always special too!

Set aside one night for wrapping – this way you can get everything out you need in one go, colour co-ordinate wrapping for different children and the task is over and done with in one night!

I’d love to hear your tips on how to make the Christmas shopping go smoothly!


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