Engagement ring trends for 2017

So you’ve found your dream man, but have you found your dream ring yet? Family life gets busy, meaning lots of special moments are often saved for later. I had my eldest child before we were engaged and married but what if your special someone is going to propose sooner than you think? Cue the happy tears!

It’s important to be prepared for what might possibly be one of the most standout moments in your life. Having an engagement ring in mind is vital for some subtle hint dropping and it really helps to know what shapes and styles suit you before the big reveal. I didn’t want to choose my own ring but I definitely knew what style I wanted and told him so before he went shopping! You’re going to be wearing it forever so it needs to be right!

There’s a lot of pretty rings out there, but to narrow down your search, Diamonds Factory has found the most desired rings of 2017, and whilst it might be that you’re already married or it’s not quite the right time, it’s always fun to look…

Getting engaged is such an exciting time, I hope that you get the ring (and fiancee of your dreams!). Mine is a solitaire diamond, but a marquis shape, in platinum. It’s small and understated and I absolutely love it. It’s nice to see that the good old solitaire still features heavily on the engagement ring trends for 2017 list!

What engagement ring would you like? Or do you already have if you are already engaged? If you are feeling cheeky send that special someone this post or leave it open on your computer, they might just get the hint!!

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Engagement Ring Trends for 2017


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  1. Izzy
    March 26, 2018 / 11:06 am

    Ooo I love love love that first one! It’s like super timeless and classic? Is it a princess cut? Well whatever it is I adore the side stones! I also really love the new trend of halo clusters. Like where there’s loads of diamonds just together – I mean what girl doesn’t just want as many diamonds as possible on a ring! I am more than minorly obsessed with all things sparkly though so there’s that haha.

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