How to get rid of nits without chemicals

For the past few months we have been on nit alert. School kept sending letters home warning of classmates found with nits so we were expecting to find them one day – which we did in the Easter holidays.

I am not keen on chemicals, especially where my children are concerned so I did some research into how to treat nits without them and thought I would share my sucess with you.

Apparently nits hate tea tree so we bought some Alberto Balsam tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner. This is the cheap stuff (about £1 a bottle) but it is good enough for this job. We then bought a nit comb – the narrower the teeth on the comb the better. I then sat down and ‘wet combed’ Bean’s hair. I sectioned it off and combed through each section with the comb and lots of tea tree conditioner. The comb removes the nits and I could see the eggs so I painstakingly picked them out one by one. Luckily because we had been on alert we had caught it early and I only found 6 nits, but lots of eggs.

This took time, and patience, don’t get me wrong. I’d do it in front of the TV so that they don’t get bored. But it really worked. We washed out the conditioner afterwards and continued using the tea tree shampoo and conditioner regularly.

I also read that lavender oil deters nits. So I also got a basic spray bottle and filled it with water and 15 drops of lavender oil. I spray this on their hair in the mornings when I am putting it up. It makes their hair smell lush and we have had no nits since!


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