Meccano Ferrari 488 Spider Review

Meccano Ferrari 488 Spider Review

A month or so ago we reviewed a Meccano motorcycle set. We found it tricky to put together but the end product was well worth it and it now sits pride of place in Little Boy’s bedroom.

This half term we have been putting the Meccano Ferrari 488 Spider to the test. Aimed at age 10 plus it comes in 305 pieces and is made out of real metal. It looks like a fantastic piece of kit.

Just like the other set we had it comes with the tools to put it together which is great. It makes it a perfect gift because everything you need is included in the box.

We set about making it one rainy day. It’s quite fiddly and we struggled with it quite a bit. Bean is only just 10 and it’s only her second Meccano set. She definitely needed a lot of help with the instructions and fiddly pieces. It’s definitely going to be a work in progress and something that we’ll pull out on rainy afternoons. I think if your child was a little older and more used to Meccano they might be able to build it quicker.

I know when it’s done that Little Boy will love playing with it and it will look really smart on display. I can see us building up quite the Meccano collection!

meccano ferrari 488 spider

This set is available for £29.99 on Amazon.

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Disclosure – we were gifted this set for the purpose of this review. This post contains affiliate links.


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