Review – Jelly Bears – Vegetarian Vitamin Fruit Bear Gummies

As a vegetarian and a mother to two vegetarian children the food we eat and what we put into our bodies is important to me. Bringing up the girls as vegetarian was not a hard choice for me, but I was aware that I would need to be careful to ensure that they were getting everything that they needed nutritionally from what they ate.

With Bean of course being such a fussy eater it is often a concern of mine that she isn’t getting all her vitamins and I have been giving her vitamins every day for quite a while now. What I have found is that it is really hard to source vegetarian vitamins for children. Most vitamins are not vegetarian friendly due to the gelatine used in them. Adult vegetarian vitamins are unsuitable and finding vegetarian Omega 3/6 vitamins for children is like mission impossible.

So when I found out about Jelly Bears – vegetarian children’s vitamins I was over the moon! They are available in Holland and Barrett and cost £6.99 for a pack of 50 which is very reasonable for vitamins. They come in cute little bear tubs which are re-usable and I can see us using them to hold hairbands and all sorts of things when the vitamins are run out.

jelly bears vegetarian vitamins

The vitamins themselves come in three flavours and variants –

Omega 3 and Multivitamins – Orange flavour

Multivitamins – Summer Berry flavour

Zinc and Multivitamins – Orange flavour

They are also vegetarian, gelatin free, gluten free, have no artificial colours, no hydrogenated fats, no nuts, no wheat and are 100% natural. Which is all really great news for us parents!

Because they come in such cute packaging, and look and taste so appealing to children these have gone down a real storm in our house. Even Jelly Baby loves taking them so there are no issues with fighting them to take their vitamins.

I’d really rate these vitamins, not only for parents of vegetarian children, but to parents of all children as they are very appealing and contain none of the nasties that you can sometimes find hidden in health products.

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