Risks Associated With Drink Driving

Although car crash fatalities have minimised over the years, there are still many incidents related to drink driving that often result in life threatening health concerns. Those ignorant of the risks related to drink driving flay the topic as something of meagre value but it is truly something extremely significant. When you hit the road, say for a vacation, inebriated, you don’t only put your life at risk but also the lives of others, so give it a thought before you decide to drive yourself after drinking. While you can gather more details from this traffic law infographic, we have put down the risks associated with drink driving for your guidance.


Poor Decision Making

Alcohol consumption influences your judgement and the ability for smart and heady thought work. When you’re driving drunk, it’s easy to think that you’re a cautious driver, had a few pints so no big deal! But this is in fact putting yourself up for a dangerous scenario like a car crash that could have you disabled for the rest of your life. Even if you’re lucky enough to avoid a wreck, you could end up with a legal repercussion such as a DUI/DWI if caught by the traffic police. As per drunk driving statistics from 2009, driving inebriated led to a total of 10,839 accidents. Alcohol also affects your ability to think rational so when you’re driving, recklessness is bound to spur chances of a possible crash or fatality that could also harm others on the road besides you.


Putting Other’s Life At Risk

The most vital risk related to drink driving is that you put other’s lives in danger because alcohol even in meager amounts, according to researchers, brings about a slowdown in reaction time. This can hamper your ability to comprehend road situations properly resulting in a car crash that could seriously affect others. Statistics reveal motorists who are under the drink-drive limit with significant concentrations of alcohol in their blood contribute to approximately 65 road deaths per year.


Facing Drink Driving Penalties

When you put others life on risk such as the passengers and drivers on the road, you are at a risk yourself of facing drunk driving penalties like prison time, driving ban, fine and license revoke. Additionally, such penalties can also result in a criminal record for violating traffic laws. In order to stay safe and protect others, you should ensure that you never drive with significant alcohol concentrations in your body otherwise you may have to face penalties like


  • a fine of up to £5,000,
  • 3 months of prison time
  • a driving ban for minimum 12 months
  • a criminal record
  • an endorsement on your license for almost 10-11 years


Putting Up Your Repute & Career At Risk

With drink driving, you also risk your career and repute because a criminal record for alcohol-influenced-driving can make you lose your job, your independence and social status. A history of such penalties might also affect your travel to foreign places like the US, Europe and Middle East. So, it’s better to stay within the defined legal drink driving limits so that you don’t have to risk your precious repute and health for the joy of alcohol.



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