Theraline C-Section Belt #Review

Having had a c-section previously with Jelly Baby I remembered all too well how painful the incision site is for a while afterwards. This time I was lucky enough to be sent the Theraline C-Section Belt to review and it has been fantastic at helping me to deal with the post surgery pain.

The belt looks a bit like a bum bag and you can insert a cooling pad / heated cherry stone pad and or a plastic shield into it. It attaches with a stretchy button fixed band meaning you can easily adjust it for your size and is very comfortable. The cherry pad can be heated easily in the microwave and the cooling pad cooled in the freezer and both are fantastic at different times. I found that cooling helped with soreness and swelling and the heated pad helped with the trapped gassy pain that can happen following a section and was very comforting at night.

The best part of the belt though is the plastic shield – it protects your scar site from getting bumped (which happens frequently with other children around) and makes it more comfortable to hold your baby as it protects you from their kicks. It also makes wearing tighter clothing such as jeans more comfortable.

The belt is available from Boots here and costs £20.37. I definitely recommend this belt to anyone who is having a planned c-section to aid their recovery.

Disclosure – I was gifted this belt for the purposes of this review. All opinions are honest and my own. 


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