Vegan Chocolate Twist Recipe

When I turned vegan one thing I knew I would miss was chocolate croissants. You just can’t beat a warm chocolate croissant and coffee for a weekend breakfast and I was really sad that I was going to miss out.

Well, that was until I found out that Jus-Rol Pain  Au Chocolat are accidentally vegan!

Woop whoop I thought! You’ve probably seen these in the fridge section of your supermarket, you can find them pretty much everywhere and they make 6 croissants which are happily¬† vegan.

Unfortunately though I wasn’t a huge fan of them made up as croissants. They just didn’t really work for me so I had a look online and saw that people had made chocolate twists out of them. Again though, I wasn’t completely blown away so I had a play with the ingredients to see if I could come up with something that I liked better. The result was these chocolate twists which have the chocolate split throughout so you get a piece of chocolate in every bite and they are really quick and easy to make.

You will need…

One box of Jus-Rol Pains au Chocolate


Unwrap the pastry from the box and split it along the perforations.

Then divide these sections into half vertically. If the pastry is a little squashed up you can roll it out a little bit.

Break a chocolate stick into two and place on the pastry, spaced apart.

Twist the pastry around the chocolate pieces until it is sealed in a twist shape.

Place on a silicone baking tray or greaseproof paper on a baking tray and place in an oven preheated to 200 degrees celsius (180 for a fan oven) for 12 minutes.

Leave to cool for a few minutes. Best enjoyed warm!

I’m so happy that I found this product and now I don’t have to miss out on croissants on the weekend!

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Vegan Chocolate Twist Recipe


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