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Hi I'm Ali, a vegan mummy of four from Wales in the UK. I love reading, cooking, writing, interiors and photography, all of which I share on here. I also make videos on my YouTube channel. Come and follow us and share our journey.

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  1. Susan B

    i would give it to our middle child who enjoys gaming but is only able to use her laptop at the moment. This would be perfect.

  2. Keith Hunt

    My teen for long motorhome trips.

  3. Liza Park

    This would be perfect for my grandson so i would gift it to him.

  4. Adrian Knox

    I’d give it to my daughter so she can relax after a day at work

  5. Pam Gregory

    Perfect for my nephew for his birthday present

  6. Alaine Godfrey

    My son because of his brilliant school report.

  7. Tamara Foster

    For my teenage son Max

  8. Katherine Cakebread

    I would keep it for myself as it would keep me busy 🙂

  9. Natasha Mairs

    I would give it to my two youngest kids to share x

  10. Debra Walker

    My Grandaughter millie as she is only 3 and it would be a good introduction to gaming

  11. Harriet Harker

    Who are we kidding here I'd gift it to myself! I'd love a Switch for the fitness games to encourage me to be more active and healthy

  12. Kerry Smith

    My son, he’s been my lockdown legend!

  13. donna l jones

    l would give this to my grandaughts primrosse and and harper they would have lots of fun with this

  14. donna l jones

    my grandaughters primrose and harper would love this

  15. Sheri Darby

    I would give it to my daughter as I know she would be really thrilled

  16. Jen Boucher

    My niece, Rosie, as her brother has one and she keeps saying she wants one so she can play with him

  17. Victoria Bazley

    I'd give to my niece and nephew as I think they'd love it and I'd love to play this with them.

  18. claire little

    my daughter would love it, she's desperate to play animal crossing.

  19. Emma Fox

    I'd give it to my son so that he can use it on long car journeys 🙂

  20. karen dixon

    I would gift it to my niece and nephew to share for long car rides.

  21. Karla Gold

    My twins would love this to share, they are best friends and would love one of these

  22. Roz Walker-Smith

    I would give it to my lovely son Toby who always has to have cast offs from his older brother! It would be nice for him to have something new if his own!

  23. Erica Hughes

    I'd give it to my son as he loves gaming and would love this console.