Getting quality sleep with the right mattress

The Right Mattress

I’ve really been struggling with a painful back lately – well ever since we went camping to be honest. It would seem that sleeping on the wrong mattress for a night has had a serious impact on my spine.

We are all told how important mattresses are for our quality of sleep and that we need to change them regularly but they are expensive, and I’m sure many of you are the same – we just can’t justify the expense when we think it is not absolutely essential.

However, my recent back pain has shown me that the right mattress to sleep on is VERY important! Our mattress is 8 years old now and I have started waking up very achy which The Sleep Council suggests is a sign that you need a new mattress.

Obviously we want to buy a quality mattress but we also don’t want to spend a huge amount of money. I’d quite like a new mattress fairly quickly too so when I discovered Mattress Next Day they seemed the perfect choice. They offer free delivery, 24 hours from when you order. We have a King Size Mattress and their range of mattresses is vast – a huge selection ranging from £130 to £1400 – I’m sure that we will find the perfect mattress from there! And here’s to a non-achey back in the mornings!

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20 thoughts on “Getting quality sleep with the right mattress

  1. Our last bed was incredibly expensive and a mix of normal and memory foam mattress. It was amazing for the first couple of years but after a while your body was imprinted and you just couldn’t get comfortable. We now have a mid price mattress which was about £300 less and it’s so much more comfier, no memory foam.
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  2. I moved a lot in the last years and luckily buying a new mattress was something I did everytime I moved. For a strange reason, I bought two mattresses this time, one hard, thicker one at the bottom and than a thin foam mattress on top. Everyone has been commenting on how comfortable my bed is and how well they slept. I didn’t even spend much money on either, I bought both from IKEA. I hope you can sort out your back pain, I know how horrible it can be.

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