10 Weeks Old

So 5 whole weeks have passed since our last update, it feels like Baby N has been here forever and at the same time it feels like time is flying by far too quickly.

He definitely isn’t the easiest baby so I’m really glad that the others are in school full time or otherwise our days would be interesting!

We are still struggling with his reflux, cutting out dairy and soya has definitely helped and the doctor gave us a prescription for ranitidine which has definitely helped him to sleep better – he is a lot less restless. I’m sure he’s still reacting to something though as he still occasionally has green poos and bad nappy rash and on those days his reflux is worse. I’m going to trial him with egg this coming week and then challenge him with dairy and soya to see if we can get to the bottom of what is affecting him. I won’t lie, it is very daunting to have a baby with potential intolerances, it makes it difficult to eat out and I am worried about how we will go with weaning, and how we will cope on holiday in August when our food options will be limited abroad and we aren’t able to get hold of our usual foods.

Weight wise he is doing really well and he weighed in at 13lb 8oz last week which puts him on the 75th centile. We are keeping an eye on his weight because of the reflux issues.

In our area they are really understaffed with doctors so we haven’t been for our 6-8 week checkup yet, it is booked for next week when he will have his first immunisations too. Even though I’ve had four children these don’t get any easier!

We haven’t managed to find a routine yet, probably because he has been quite grumpy with the suspected intolerances and reflux. He won’t sleep in his cot, preferring to sleep with me. I’m so worried about something happening to him that I’ve bought the Owlet monitor which is giving me some peace of mind.

We have started Baby Sensory classes which isn’t something I have done with my older children. I was worried that he is a little young (and he is the youngest in the class) but he loves looking around at everything and it’s really nice to do something for him on his own and for me to make some mum friends!

He is still exclusively breastfed and I have started pumping to create a little stash of milk for in case I want to go out one evening. I need to talk to the doctor about a prescription formula for when we are weaning or else I’m going to have to put in a plan to pump a significant amount of milk to create a stock for when I am weaning to make his porridge etc.

Myself I am doing really well and I feel like I’ve completely recovered from the Caesarean section. My only real lingering problems are achey legs when I have been sitting still and the loss of stomach muscles means I can’t get up from sitting on the floor without a struggle! I can start exercising in 2 weeks and I’m going to start with some gentle brisk walks before leading up to running. I also have a cross trainer at home I plan to use and I’d like to fit some yoga into that as well. Time permitting of course with a baby that won’t let me put him down!

I’m still feeling totally blessed at our new addition. The children a absolutely adore him and have already started trying to play with him, entertaining him in his bouncer chair and encouraging him to smile, it’s very sweet! Long may it continue!


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  1. March 16, 2019 / 12:30 pm

    Aww, what a cutie. Congratulations!

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