Our 4th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was our fourth wedding anniversary! Four years of married life – four years of ups and downs. One miscarriage, one baby, Bean, lots of sleepless nights, no holidays and long work hours. And we are still here 🙂

Marriage does feel like hard work sometimes but at the end of the day I get to share my life with my best friend, and enjoy our beautiful children together and have bags of fun most of the time- how lucky is that!!

Unfortunately life has got in the way of us celebrating this anniversary. I have LOADS of work to do and hubby is out for a work social event this weekend but in November we plan a weekend away somewhere nice for a spot of pampering, relaxation and Christmas shopping. Bring it on!

Every year we set ourselves the challenge of finding each other gifts from the traditional or modern things set for that year. Combined with a budget of £20 and the caveat that it has to be something you can keep this is usually a way of getting us thinking about something quite special. This year that came down to fruit / flowers / silk / linen and the gemstone was blue topaz. Easy for him, not so much for me!

I got him a Simon Carter silk tie (£10 from £50 in TK Maxx) and as I came in so under budget I made it up with a LEGO Batman game (preowned from Game for £12.99 but on 3 for 2 so got 2 extra games for Christmas shhh!). I wrapped the game in floral paper to try to keep it to the theme!!

Hubby however cheated and I was treated to a gorgeous Pandora necklace with a Blue Topaz gem. When he handed me the bag I wailed about the budget but I couldn’t be really cross could I?!!

He was treated to a bacon sarnie before work too because I was so pleased with my pressie 🙂

So happy anniversary hubby. Love you loads xxxx


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