5 Home Improvements To Make For The Winter

Winter is well and truly here and we’re certainly feeling the cold this year. The weather hasn’t just been cold though, it’s rained and snowed and been overall miserable. When the weather is cold and horrible we all tend to hole up at home so it makes sense to make our homes nice and cosy for winter. Here are 5 home improvements to make for the winter that you can make that will make your home a nicer place to be.

Insulate your homeĀ 

Insulation can be relatively inexpensive but will make a massive difference to the warmth of your home and your heating bill too. Take a look at Insulation Giant for everything you need for loft and cavity wall insulation, as well as plasterboard, flooring and roofing materials.

Have your boiler serviced

Make sure that your central heating system is ready for the winter by getting someone in to service your boiler. You will want to make sure that it is in tip top condition so that you don’t have any unexpected breakdowns when the weather is at its coldest and giving it a good service will make sure it is running efficiently too.

Get a programable thermostat

There are a variety of smart home heating systems that you can install now such as Hive and Nest to name just two. You can set these to make sure that the heating comes on when you are nearly home to you arrive to a nice warm house without wasting money on heating it all day – what is better than that!

Re-evaluate your flooring

Recently the trend has been for wooden or laminate flooring which is lovely, but can be cold underfoot. To make your home warmer and cosier for winter consider putting in carpets, or placing rugs over cold floors. If you are updating your flooring and don’t want to go for carpet you could consider putting under floor heating in so that your toes are kept warm!

Check your windows and doors

Make sure that your windows and doors are in good condition. A lot of heat can be lost through small gaps in windows and doors. Check and renew all the seals around the edges and if necessary replace any old windows that can’t be repaired. You can use draught excluders on any doors that are letting in the cold. This will put an end to any draughts and make sure your house is much warmer this winter.

If you even make changes in one of these areas you’ll definitely notice the difference in your home this winter.

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5 home improvements to make for winter



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