A Young Girls Bunny Themed Bedroom Wishlist

Bunny Themed Bedroom Wishlist

Little Miss J is obsessed with bunny rabbits! When she was little she used to call them ‘bunnits’ which we all thought was really cute and her fondness for them has stayed! Now she is settled in her new room we are beginning the decorating project and we’ll be decorating her room with bunnies in mind! In a couple of weeks I’ll share the before and after pictures but for now I’d love to share with you some things I have on the bunny themed bedroom wishlist for her room!

ikea faux sheepskin rug

Ikea Faux Sheepskin Rug £10

I love these rugs as they are so soft and cosy and perfect for little feet! We are vegetarian so we will be looking at the faux fur version.

bunny garland

Bunny Garland £24 by Velveteen Babies on Etsy

I love so much on Etsy at the moment! This  bunny garland has caught my eye for a while and I think it is really cute. I love that it comes from a small business too.

bunny wall stickers

Fabric Bunny Wall Stickers £32 by KotoKids on Etsy

I am going to paint her walls white and jazz them up a little with some removable stickers. That means when she grows out of bunnies it will be easy to change the accessories and make her a different room without having to completely redecorate.

rabbit night light

 White Rabbit Night Light £6.95 on Amazon (affiliate link)

We actually already have this as she got one for a birthday present from her godmother. She loves it so much she takes it to bed with her!

pink shaggy rug

Pink Shaggy Rug from £34.99 The Rug Seller

We are planning on ripping the carpets up and having natural floorboards. A nice big rug should help to make the room feel cosier and warmer even though there won’t be any fitted carpet.

personalised bunny print

Personalised Name Bunny Print £4.44 from Dorinda Art on Etsy

I absolutely love this personalised print. I want to put up a narrow shelf or two so I can display different prints and pictures and change them really easily. This would look so cute on the wall!

What do you think? I can’t wait to share the finished room with you in a few weeks time!

bunny themed bedroom wishlist



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