Bean’s first West End Performance

This weekend Bean performed in London’s West End! She was lucky enough to be chosen by her ballet company to be part of their dance for a dancing school show in Her Majesty’s Theatre, Haymarket.

It was a truly amazing experience and Bean was so excited! She had spent a lot of time practising and was superbly well behaved and confident, especially as there were such a lot of older children performing – she was actually the youngest by a couple of years.

We got up at 5am to catch the coach with the dance group to London, and got there about 10am (after a 45 min stop). We then left Bean in the care of her class teacher while we had an child-free day out in London – that was awesome enough!

At 6.30 we headed back to the theatre to watch the show. It was utterly brilliant – the kids were fab (especially Bean!) and she remembered all her moves and was a true professional. And her costumes and make up were brilliant! Hubby and I couldn’t believe that we were sitting there watching our baby girl dancing on stage in London – only 6 years ago she was our tiny baby!

We collected her afterwards from the stage door and gave her a little bouquet of flowers! She was completely exhausted bless her and fell asleep the moment we got on the coach. It took her the whole next day to recover too!

We weren’t allowed to take photos but I am expecting some to come through from the dance company in ┬ácouple of weeks which I will of course share!

Proud mummy day indeed!


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