Easter Bunny Kids Easter Card Tutorial

I love nothing more than a handmade card and this kids easter bunny card tutorial will is perfect for that handmade little gift this Easter.

Easter Bunny Card Tutorial

It is so easy to do and the kids will love it too.

You will need:

  • Kid safe paint
  • Card
  • Ribbon
  • googly eyes

Paint the palm of your little person’s hands, except the thumb. Get them to separate their fingers, two and two, ‘live long and prosper’ style and press their hand on the card.

When they paint is dry they can add to the picture to add eyes, whiskers and glue a little ribbon on. We printed Happy Easter on the front but you can get them to write / paint this if you like.

I especially love this because it is a little keepsake of how teeny your little one’s hands are!

kids easter bunny card


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