Easy Easter Basket Tutorial

Little Miss J absolutely loves arts and crafts so she was really pleased that we were chosen to be Bostik Bloggers this year. For Easter they sent us a big box of craft supplies and we decided to use them to make an Easter card which we will send to our old neighbour and also to make a really easy Easter Basket. You don’t actually need a big box of craft supplies to make this – just a sheet of A4 card and some glue. It honestly couldn’t get any simpler.

What you will need…

A4 card





Paperclip (to hold glue in place)

Turn the card over to the plain side and cut it into a square. You can keep the cut off to make the handle of the basket. Then with the pencil and the ruler divide the square paper into 9 equal boxes.

Cut along the middle two lines on two opposite edges…like in the photo below…

Then you fold the cut piece up and fold over the sides.

Glue and hold in place with a paperclip until the glue is dried. Repeat on the other side. You will see it has made a basket shape!

I made holes in the sides and used a pipe cleaner for a handle but you could cut your spare card into strips and glue that on for a handle too.

Then all is left to do is fill it with easter goodies! Little Miss J was really pleased with how it turned out and honestly it was so easy, anyone can do it!

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easy easter basket tutorial

Thanks to Bostik for the craft supplies to make this project.


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