E’s 11th Year

Well, this is the first time I’ve not used a nickname for my eldest daughter. From before she was born she had the nickname Bean and so that’s what I’ve referred to her as on this blog. To protect her identity somewhat, as I think is respectful when I’m putting information about her online. But now she is 11 she has decided that she doesn’t want to be given a nickname on here anymore, so I’ll be referring to her by the initial E. It’s all a part of her growing up and she is still very happy to feature on my blog and in my videos but she wants her name used and I have to respect that so we are meeting at this middle ground.

So anyway, I’ll continue with my annual tradition by sharing the absolute best bits of her 11th year.


In April we were invited to Cardiff City to see our first live football match. At the time E was really into football and it was fantastic to show her a live football show. We had a fantastic time.

Later in April we went away for a short break to west wales which was a wonderful little holiday.


In May she headed off for her first residential school trip to Dolygaer. She had a brilliant time, even though I missed her so much!

We also found that coveted field of yellow rapeseed flowers to take some gorgeous photos in!


June was all about the sporting achievements! E had a fantastic sports day – she really loves sports and she also did really well in her dancing medal test.

I also love this picture of her gappy teeth. She’s no longer gappy – what a difference a year makes.


July started with such gorgeous weather and E had so much fun at the Scout and Guide fete – the last year she went as a Brownie. This is here at the fete and on her last day at Brownies.

E has over the years has become really independent and she loves choosing her own clothes. The current obsession is unicorns!

As the summer holidays started we took ourselves off on our annual mother and daughter trip to London. We had an amazing time as always and she seemed so grown up this year.


E started Guides in August by going on one of their tripsĀ  – it was the first of many and I think Guides is going to be an amazing part of her next few years. They have so many great experiences through the organisation.

We had lots of fun as a family through the summer, it was just a shame that the weather was so awful.



We started September with one more little holiday with our family before going back to school. It’s E’s last year in primary school and her little brother’s first year. What a year!

They did cycling proficiency classes when they started back at school in September so we bought her a new bike and she worked really hard on her cycling skills. She’s not the best but she can cycle quite well now and she passed her test. It only took us until she was 10 to teach her!


In October E went off with Guides to her first ever concert in Wembley Stadium. It was such a big milestone for her and for us and she had an amazing time. She also performed with her dancing group and was absolutely brilliant once again.

In October half term we took a family break to London and I took E off on her own to see Wicked as a Halloween treat. It was epic!


November news was dominated with the fact that we got a puppy Lexi! E used to be scared of dogs and Lexi has been amazing for changing that for her. They are the best of friends now and Lexi is always licking her face – it’s their thing!


What a month December was – we went off in search of some snow to have a snow day – little did we know that so much was going to come our way eventually!

This is E on Christmas Day – she’s so naturally beautiful and happy in this photo. I hope we spend every Christmas together and just as happy as this.


January saw another Guide camp – complete with hot tub! What an experience!


I uploaded this photo from J’s birthday party and everyone said to me how much she looked like me. I don’t think she’d be happy with that assessment but there you are!


March saw her birthday come and some extreme snow too! She went away with school on her actual birthday which was weird but we had a fake birthday for her on the weekend before so itĀ  wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Her birthday party had to be postponed because of the snow though so that’s still to come.


It’s taken me ages to write this – looking back at it all it’s clear that E has had an amazing year. What a lucky girl – I wonder if the next year can match it!


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