Fabric Tray Tutorial

Do you have lots of little bits and bobs that need a temporary home? These cute trays can be made from any fabric scraps that you have and are a quick and fun project.

fabric tray tutorial

Cut out two squares of fabric, they can be any size, I made them using 15, 12 and 10 cm square fabric.

With right sides together, sew around the edges of the square, leaving a gap to turn inside out.


Clip the corners.

Turn inside out and fold under the unsewn part. Iron flat. Sew around the edge of the square, closing the hole.

Next fold the edges of one corner together. Mark with a disappearing ink pen half an inch from the corner and sew along the line. Repeat with the other four corners.

Here you have a handy little tray!

IMG_1859 IMG_1863 IMG_1867 IMG_1870

I love that you can make them really quickly and in any fabric you choose.  I have made these from the Rayna Apple fabric from Hillary’s Blinds. If you are using a more lightweight cotton you might want to reinforce it slightly with iron on interfacing.

This post is an entry into their Craft Competition – for more details see here.


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