Finally learning to ride a bike

Bean has always struggled on her bike. She’s had one since she was little but she tired easily and couldn’t be bothered to cycle it up even a small hill. I was very worried (silly I know) that she was behind all her peers in bike riding and that she would never learn. What I have come to realise with time is that kids learn things at their own pace.

This summer I thought we’d give the bike another chance. It is far too small for her now but she sped along on it and had a great time. She is obviously that bit stronger now and has more patience for riding. I’m really glad we gave it another go and in the next couple of weeks we are going to buy her a new bike and have a go without stabilisers. Any recommendations for 6 year old girls bikes would be greatly appreciated!

Here she is riding off into the distance!! (my first video post too!!)




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