How To Make A Space Rocket

How To Make A Space Rocket

Little Boy loves anything that flies, makes a noise or that he can crash into something! When the weather was hot last week we decided to do some crafting together to keep out of the sun and we made a space rocket! It was really simple to make and he’s loved flying it around the house ever since!


You will need…

A cardboard cone (or make one out of cardboard)

Metallic paint / pen

A square piece of cardboard

White PVA glue

Sequins, stars and space themed stickers

We just coloured the cone in with a silver permanent marker but you could paint it if you have the patience to let it dry!


We then used blue metallic card to make the base of the rocket and glued the cone on top.

We then got to work on the fun part – sticking the sequins and stickers on! Little Boy loved this bit, choosing which stickers and sequins to go where and getting his hands messy in glue!

And here’s the finished product!

I love crafting with my little ones and this is one of the first times I’ve done it with Little Boy. It worked really well because I kept it so simple and he loved being able to stick the bits and bobs on at the end. He is really enjoying charging around with this now – he calls it a super rocket!

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How to make a space rocket

Disclosure – I was gifted the craft items for this from Bostik as part of my role as a Bostik Blogger. 


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