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I’m always looking for new books for my girls to read, they are really into reading and read books very quickly. We were lucky enough to be sent some books to review from Boolino which kept her entertained for a little while! The Totally Twins series is about a set of twin girls, Persephone and Portia who get up to all sorts of adventures. From planning birthday parties to going on holiday or taking part in school musicals, there is lots of fun to be found in these books.

totally twins review

The twins are 10 turning 11 in this series which is just the same age as my daughter so she really identified with the characters. She loved the illustrations too and how they broke up the book. It’s fun for her to start reading a collection of books as she is then really motivated to read more from the same set. She got stuck into reading these straight away – I love seeing her with her nose in a book, it reminds me of my childhood spent reading!

I also love the innocent nature of the stories and how well they resonate with the modern child. Really lighthearted, fun reading material and perfect for the summer of reading ahead of us. Bean is 10 and she read these very well independently and they are a nice size too, long enough for them to take a little while to read but not dauntingly long either.

Here is what Bean had to say about the books…

“I loved this series, I didn’t know anything about these so sometimes if you step out of your routines you might find something extraordinary! These books are full of adventure, humour, mistakes, joys, sadness and children who, like me love adventure. I recommend these books for you.”


I’m making sure that my children read every day this summer, like I do every year, and usually their reading improves a lot. What books do your children love reading, I’d love some more inspiration.


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totally twins book review


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