Upcycle Your Furniture for a Brand New Look

Upcycle Your Furniture for a Brand New Look

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Have you ever looked at a piece of furniture in your home and decided it is looking dated is no longer of much use? It is something that most people will have done at some time and the usual solution is to buy a replacement. Or it could be that you have some furniture stored in your garage that you are thinking could be useful if it did not look so old and decrepit.  Before you rush off to buy something new, have a close look at any older pieces and see if upcycling them would be worthwhile.


Choosing The Right Pieces


Regardless of if you already own the piece or you are considering something you have seen in a charity or second-hand shop for your interior, the first thing to look closely at is if the item is structurally sound. Think about what it will be used for in your home and make sure it will cope with the use it will get. If there are holes in the wood, it has probably had woodworm at some point and it is probably best to steer clear.


Start With The Easy Things


If you have never upcycled anything before it is best to start with the easy things, such as a table or a chest of drawers. They are the easiest because all you have to deal with is wood, which can be a lot of hard work to get back to the grain, but is much simpler to finish with some oil, stain or paint.


Some pieces will look new with just a little sanding and a coat of paint, the colours of which you can use to make it a real feature of the room it is being placed in.




This takes a little more skill but there are lots of online resources to guide you. If you have some old chairs, for instance, all you will need is some fabric and a staple gun to make them look as good as new. Be careful what material you opt for as some will wear out very quickly and can be difficult to work with. Velvet fabrics are the choice of many because they look really good, are durable and not hard to handle. They come in a range of colours too, so it’s always easy to match them to your style.


Little Details


Sometimes, it is the little details that can finish a piece off to perfection. New drawer handles for example, or some self-adhesive vinyl on the top of a dresser you have painted white can add more interest to the item.


You could also make things from items you have at the back of your garage maybe. It is quite popular to create bedframes from wooden pallets that have to be sanded but are then very strong. You could make a coffee table from a suitcase or a bookcase by fixing an old latter sideways along a wall. The possibilities are endless, and they will all make your home unique.


Each time you upcycle a piece of furniture you will achieve to things. You will have saved yourself the cost of a replacement piece, and you will have a sense of fulfilment every time you use it.

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Upcycle Your Furniture for a Brand New Look


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