2013 Resolutions – How did I do?!

Last year I made the brave move of blogging my resolutions. Now I have nowhere to hide if I failed…so how did I do?!

Here’s a reminder of last year’s resolutions

1. Build my business at Lina Loves (my business is going great and I have very regular custom orders and always have work on so this is great!)

2. Get 2000 likes on my Facebook Page (I know, I know, I am THINKING BIG!) (I didn’t quite achieve this but I did set up a Facebook page for this blog so I have had double the pages to manage – as well as my personal one – social media can be an exhausting business!)

3. Get 2000 Twitter Followers (see above!) – I NEARLY managed this! I think I’m only about 30 off! So for me that is an achievement!

4. Blog more (I definitely did this and really enjoyed it and my blog has gone from strength to strength)

5. Be organised (I have definitely tried to do this and did well but slacked off towards the end of the year. Look out for more organisation next year with 3 children to manage!)

6. Run more (at least once a week) (This was a complete fail. I must have gone running about 3 times last year. Oh well).

7. Move House (Again, complete fail. We had our house on the market but the market was so slow it became apparant that even if we did sell, it would be for much less than we needed to move. So the four year plan was born – we plan to move in 3 years now and have been saving and paying off debts big style to pay for it).

8. Spend more time doing extra curricular work with Bean. (Hmm, I did do this, but not as much as I would have liked to).

9. Work on starting some basic home schooling with Jelly Baby. (Again, I didn’t do as much of this as I would have liked to).

10. Go to France in the Summer (We didn’t make this because of the saga with the passport photos. It is definitely something we want to do this year).

11. Improve my Welsh. (I’m not sure whether my Welsh has improved but I have enrolled in a paid for proper course so I am well on the way).


So there we have it – a mixed bag really. Apart from exercising more I think I gave everything a fair crack. I tried and that’s the most important thing right?! And anyway it definitely gives me lots to think about for 2014. New resolutions coming – watch this space!


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