4 ways to refresh your home in the New Year

4 ways to refresh your home in the New Year

With many of us still anticipating Christmas, it might seem that the New Year celebrations are a long way off yet. But if the idea of a fresh new year, a clean slate and a new beginning excites you and you just can’t wait to get started then it’s never too early to start planning ahead. This year could be the year you finally kick your smoking habit, the year you travel to all those countries you’ve always dreamt of or it could be the year you transform your property into the home you’ve always wanted.

Unsure of how to begin? Don’t worry, here you’ll find 4 ways you can refresh your home in the New Year.

Update your skirting boards

Skirting boards often get overlooked when we think about refreshing parts of the house and yet they play an important part in keeping your walls scuff and mark free. If you take the plunge and decide to replace them, head to a reputable skirting board retailer and you’ll instantly transform any room.


We gather so much clutter over the years, something which seems much more evident after we’ve acquired new items at Christmas. It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to decluttering, but don’t worry, when you begin to take down your Christmas decorations you can certainly make a start on all those little homewares, pieces of furniture and bric-a-brac that just don’t add anything to your home.

Decluttering helps to destress and simplify things, so getting rid of all those cat ornaments from your Great Aunt will actually make you feel better and give your mental health a boost. Aim to keep surfaces as clear as possible. Having a clutter free home is like having a fresh canvas to start on when you restyle your property. Give it a try.

Reset the furniture

As human beings we often get stuck in our ways and the same can be said for our furniture! If you’ve had the furniture in your bedroom or living room in the same arrangement for years then now is the time to shake things up a bit. If you have a low budget or perhaps you’re living in rented accommodation so big style changes are prohibited, then this one will make a huge impact. Swapping pieces from different rooms or rotating the furniture will really change the ambience.

Bedroom restyle

The bedroom should always be treated as your little haven away from the rest of the world. So, don’t forget it when you start changing things around. You can make a super simple change by replacing your old bedding with a new and fresh set, not forgetting a new throw and some extra cushions for accessories. You’ll be amazed at how fantastic your bedroom looks with some gorgeously plump pillows and fresh, new sheets. You might get a better night’s sleep too – something which we could all do with!

Try switching up your bedroom lighting by treating yourself to a new set of table lamps and a new overhead light to really make an impact.

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4 ways to refresh your home in the New Year


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