5 Family Friendly Things To Do In Guernsey

I have always wanted to visit the Channel Islands and I’ve been researching things for the family to do there when we make it one day! Guernsey is top of my list and it’s quite easy to get there, you can get the ferry over, check out Condor Ferries for prices and times to give you an idea. After spending a few days in Guernsey I’d hit Jersey next, to get a real Channel Islands experience!

So here are the top things that I want to do with the kids when we visit Guernsey one day!

The German Military Underground Hospital

This hospital was built by slaves during the German occupation. I think this is such a fascinating period of history and I’d love to educate my children more in on this time in history. My girls are quite fascinated with hospitals and doctors so I think this would really pique their interest.

The German Occupation Museum

Again, like the above I think visiting this museum would be such a great educational experience. Guernsey was occupied for 5 years by the Germans during the second world war and it’s such an important piece of history. I think if you are taking children just be mindful that certain parts might be upsetting and avoid them if you have sensitive children.

Jungle House

This one is a bit more lighthearted and I just know that my children would love this place! Trampolines, roller skating, mini golf and soft play. Sometimes kids just need to have fun and burn off energy and I think that this would be just the place!

Outdoor Guernsey 

Embrace the outdoors life by taking part in some kayaking, climbing and abseiling with Outdoor Guernsey and their qualified instructors and you can also book family trips to explore the hidden Guernsey. It’s always nice to get back to nature and see something off the beaten track and it’s great if you have a guide to take you.

Shell Beach

This one is more for me but kids love playing on the beach too don’t they! This is just a short boat ride out from Guernsey and it looks simply beautiful, although apparently there aren’t really any shells there anymore! On a sunny day I think it would be lovely to spend an afternoon here playing and enjoying an ice cream!

Have you been to Guernsey? Is there anything that you would recommend visiting?

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5 Family Friendly Things To Do In Guernsey



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