Bunchems Unicorn Theme Pack Review

I’m sure that you will have seen or heard about Bunchems before, but we have never tried them out. The girls were very excited therefore when a box of unicorn themed Bunchems arrived for us to review!

Bunchems are colourful little balls that stick to each other so you can create and build things. They are so easy to use, they stick to each other really easily and just as easily pull apart again. The creations you can make are endless too.

The Unicorns Theme Pack comes with 130 translucent Bunchems, 30 regular Bunchems, 40 Glow in the Dark Bunchems, 9 accessories and a guide book on how to make some magical unicorn creations! It was really easy to follow and my 7 year old managed it with no help. My 11 year old enjoyed playing with it too but she preferred to get creative and make her own creations.

What I didn’t tell them was that these Bunchems include glow in the dark ones which made their creations glow in their bedrooms at night – they were so excited when they discovered this, coming running out telling me that they were glowing in the dark!

As a parent I absolutely love this toy, there are no batteries required and your little one can be as creative as they like, letting their imaginations lead the way. There is no expiry on play either, when they are finished they can simply pull them apart and start again, meaning that these Bunchems can be enjoyed many times over. When it is time to tidy them up, they stick together so you can bundle them up in seconds!

You can buy Bunchems at all good retailers nationwide and retail for £12.99 for a pack. They are aimed at children aged 6 plus and you can read more about them on the Bunchems website.

how to Make Unicorn Bunchems

Disclosure – we were gifted this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and our own.



  1. June 9, 2018 / 10:35 pm

    OK how amazing does this look haha! What a fun idea for kids to make and do!

  2. ChelseaMamma
    June 10, 2018 / 5:14 pm

    These look adorable, I know someone that would love making these

  3. June 10, 2018 / 6:59 pm

    They sort of remind me of sticklebricks which I had as a child. Good fun.

  4. June 11, 2018 / 3:31 pm

    Oh wow, this looks like so much fun! I think I’d enjoy playing with them myself!

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