How To Look Good On The School Run When You Have No Time

How To Look Good On The School Run

School mornings are a complete rush in our house. Luckily in many ways I have children who like to sleep in (especially on a school morning!) so it always feels like we are getting ready in a rush at the last minute. Whilst I wouldn’t say that I’m a glamorous school mum (we all know one of those mums!) I do like to look presentable in the mornings, which can be a challenge when you have next to no time to get yourself ready! So here are my top tips for getting yourself ready in the mornings on little time.


If you have a great haircut most of the hard work is done for you already. Make sure that you wash and dry your hair the night before and you’ll only have to some minimal touch ups in the morning. For instant good looking hair consider using clip in hair extensions. They are much easier to use than you imagine and ClipHair has an amazing selection of styles and colours to suit you and they are really easy to clip in.


The hair extensions are all made from 100% human hair so they look really natural too and can be brushed, washed, curled, straightened and even dyed to match your own hair. You can even just get clip in highlights so in 5 minutes you have a completely different look!

Make Up

I’ve perfected a five minute make up routine now! The trick for me is to get up and wash my face and let my moisturiser sink in while I’m getting the children ready so my face is ready and primed by the time I put my make up on. I just use concealer, a light foundation, blusher, mascara, lipbalm and liptint and it takes literally five minutes.


To speed things up in the mornings pick what you are going to wear the night before. Check out the weather online and get your outfit ready to put on in the mornings. This will save you so much time deciding what to wear. I always wear something practical for the school run, and it’s always something comfy because I work from home. The trick is to jazz it up with accessories – a feature necklace or earrings will make you look much more glamorous and put together – accessories always complete a look!


Appearance is all about attitude. If you act like you are calm and confident you will look like you are calm and confident! This will also rub off onto your children who will go into school feeling ready for the day ahead.

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