A Family Photo November 2018

So we’re well into December I know but I hadn’t got around to posting our family photo for November, and I totally failed to take one at all in October! Don’t worry – I was so disappointed in myself that I’ve already taken one for December!

I’ve also only just realised that these are the last couple of family photos of us as a family of five, all being well January’s photo should include a new little member of our family which is really exciting, even though it doesn’t feel real to me yet!

family photo november 2018

So anyway, here we all are together this November. This photo was taken when we were ice skating at Caerphilly temporary ice rink at Caerphilly Castle. A lovely lady offered to take a photo of all of us and I am usually too polite or shy to say yes but hubby isn’t and I’m so glad because I love this photo! It brings back great memories of Miss J learning to skate on her own for the first time which is a huge achievement!

After we went skating we headed for a hot chocolate in Costa – I just love an afternoon that involves a hot drink and a cake!

So, here’s to November, I can’t wait for all the magic of December!


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