Auritech Sleep Ear Plugs – Review

If anyone has a partner who snores they will know how hard it is to sleep with all that noise going on. Many people wear ear plugs but it is difficult when you have babies and children who you also need to keep an ear out for.

Auritech make sleep ear plugs which are designed to cleverly filter out the noise of snoring and background noise but still allow alarm sounds and babies crying sounds through. This sounded great to me!

In practice, they work very well for this purpose, although I did find that they were quite uncomfortable to wear so I wouldn’t wear them every night as I might wear others. However, when they are needed they do the job.

A pair retails for £19.95 plus postage which is expensive for ear plugs but they are designed for long term use unlike many other ear plugs and you can also buy a cleaning kit to keep them nice and clean. They do also come with a handy little storage case too.



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